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Want to hear an Interesting story about Cinnamon?

Sri Lankan Cinnamon

Sri Lankan Cinnamon

The plant has digestive and carminative properties. It stimulates salivation, treats ingestion and reduces flatulence. It is expectorant and suitable for a cough and bronchitis. Having a look at the global sales from cinnamon exports by country amounted to US$484 million in 2016.

Below are the 3 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of cinnamon during 2016 are,

  • Sri Lanka: US$159.1 million (32.9% of total cinnamon exports)
  • Indonesia: $94.2 million (19.5%)
  • China: $91.5 million (18.9%)

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A native product in Sri Lanka, creating almost 99% percent as an export product to the world, the Cinnamon industry plays a major role in parts of the country uplifting the life of villagers. The plant is a one of a kind which has fundamental oil in leaves, bark, and roots, however, substance creation of them are totally not the same as each other. In Sri Lanka, Cinnamon appears to have begun in the focal slopes where seven wild types of cinnamon happen in Kandy, Matale, Belihull oya, Haputale, Horton planes and the Sinharaja forest range. Shown below are few of our primary herbal products made out of the plant.Cinnamon Products(Cinnamon herbal oil, Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon Sticks)

Cinnamon2(Cinnamon Freshener, Cinnamon Cosmetics, Cinnamon Soaps)